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Capped Budget is focused on sharing creative ways to budget, save and grow your money. Download your free guide and also get the latest tips on budgeting, saving and ways to grow your income.

**Get Out of Debt and Stay There: With This Easy Budget Spreadsheet **

Managing your money is easy with the Complete Budget Spreadsheet.This budget template is for persons who:• Struggles with overspending• Worried about running out of money• Tired of not setting financial boundaries• Enjoys hands-on budget planning• Wants control over their financesAfter A Week Of Using this Budget Spreadsheet You Will Be Able To:• Visualize where your money goes• Catergorize how much to spend each month• Generate graphs to see what expenses to cut• Feel in control of your finances.

Make more headway on your debt by using the our Debt Snowball spreadsheet template. With the Debt Snowball method, you reward yourself for wins along your debt payoff journey.

Debt Snowball Spreadsheet (included)Settle your lowest bills in full first, then apply the money left over to pay off your larger debts.This way of tackling debt helps you feel energized and hopeful about finally having a few more bucks available to put towards other necessary expenses.Take a deep breath and start snowballing away with this method!

Sinking Funds Spreadsheet (included)You can't save a dollar to save your life.You have been working on creating a budget for upcoming expenses but still can't keep track of itSinking funds are money that you save each month for expected and planned expenses.Start looking ahead to the exciting things you'll be able to do with all the money you saved by using our Sinking Funds template.

Bonus Offer (included) 101 Ways To Boost Your Credit Scores FastIncrease your credit scores fast, so you can get approved for loans, credit cards, and other financial products at the better rates?This bonus offers 101 easy-to-follow tips like how to keep your credit card balances low, tactics on disputing errors on your credit report and negotiating with creditors.You'll learn everything you need to know to get your credit scores soaring.==Start taking control of your money today. Order the complete bundle !==

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Will The Budget Spreadsheet Come With Instructions?
Yes, we wanted to make the process easy for you so a video explaining how to use the spreadsheet is included.
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Due to the digital nature of this product, all sales are final and no refunds will be provided.
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Easy, Affordable
Life Insurance
For Families On A Budget

You have enough to worry about these days.How to pay the bills and feed your family, how to manage work schedules and home responsibilities.It's enough to exhaust anyone.Capped Budget was founded on the belief that proactive savings and effective budgeting set the path to building wealth.We help families get access to affordable life insurance.Our partners are licensed across the US and have helped over a 1,000 families get access to affordable coverage.

You can qualify even if you have medical issues such as Diabetes, Depression, High Blood Pressure and More...

Get financial security and peace of mind in less than 20 minutes.Being proactive about your planning will help you to access money while you are alive.Create generational wealth along with tax benefits to protect your income.

Creating a legacy that offers financial support for future expenses is an act of love.Here are the options that can help you achieve that:TERM LIFE INSURANCE
This type of policy is like renting an apartment. It ranges from 10-30 years and pays out cash if you became seriously illness and when you die.
At the end of the term, the policy expires. Most term life policies give you the option to convert it into a permanent policy without any additional medical requirements.The approval process is simple, easy and affordable.PERMANENT LIFE INSURANCE
This policy is compared to owning your home.
You own the cash value that is built up in the policy, you can borrow against the policy's cash value and you can access the funds tax-free.The policy never expires and is used to supplement retirement income and as collateral for purchasing other assets.The cost of permanent life insurance is higher than term life.

Types of Permanent
Life Insurance

Participating Whole Life:
Pays a guaranteed interest to your cash value account, gets compound interest and the potiential for extra payments in the form of dividends by the life insurance carrier.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL:
Gets favorable tax benefits and higher contribution limits than traditional retirement accounts (401ks, IRA etc). There is also higher growth potential up to 12% (based on the carrier).

How Much Does It Cost
and How Do Can I Qualify?

Age, Health and Coverage Amount:
Life insurance cost is based on your age, smoker/non-smoker status, health and coverage amount. The earlier you protect your family, the more you save.
Average cost for a 30 year-old female is less than $2 day *30 year-term

Simple automated process. Quick approvals.
The simplified underwriting process uses new technology and predictive modeling to provide instant decisions.Simple health-based questions. New benefits allow for instant approvals.

Capped Budget only partners with licensed agents that can provide our community with the most affordable coverage, friendly customer support and a variety of options even with previous health issues.We value the experience you have with our partners and we hold them accountable for any negative experience.

Mortgage Protection Cash Payout Benefits For Homeowners

Homeowners with mortgage protection experience peace of mind that their equity is protected and their family will always be able to keep the home when there is a medical crisis or death.Money is paid out from your plan to cover the balance if you become sick and lose the ability to work.

Mortgage Protection Benefits for homeowners

▪ Terminal Illness Benefit: a cash payment to cover mortgage payments if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and expect to die within the next 12 months.▪ Critical Illness Benefit: cash payment to cover mortgage balance if you get cancer, kidney failure, organ transplant, a stroke, or heart attack.▪ Chronic Illness Benefit: cash payout to cover mortgage payments if you are unable to perform at least two activities of daily living.▪ Cash Back if you never used any of the benefits. Your premiums are returned and you can use it to pay off the house (subject to eligibility)▪ Tax-free money given to your family after your death to pay off the mortgage balance.


How Mortage Protection Cash Payout Works?A healthy 55-year-old man was approved for a $147,000 a Mortgage Protection Plan.However, at the age of 57, he had a severe heart attack.Once he finished his treatment, the cost of his medical bills amounted to $40,000.Fortunately, his heart attack was a covered benefit that qualified him for a cash payout.He then requested and received $69,500 from his Mortgage Protection Plan to pay for his medical expenses and keep up with his mortgage payments.

**How To Design Your Plan
▪ Full mortgage balance coverage: this pays off the balance upon death and provides a check for serious medical illness.▪ Partial mortgage balance coverage: flexible strategy to pay off the balance early to save on interest.▪ Mortgage Payments Protection to cover at least 12–24 months of payments. Some relatives do not plan to keep the home, this option allows mortgage payments to continue without financial loss or interruption until the house is sold.

Capped Budget only partners with licensed agents that can provide our community with the most affordable coverage, friendly customer support and a variety of options even with previous health issues.Available in most states. Limitations may apply. Benefits and carriers will vary for coverages and are subject to underwriting approval, product limitations and availability. All coverage information, representation or solicitation will be provided by an Independent Life agent/broker, who is licensed and regulated by your state and represents multiple carriers offering specialized Mortgage Life Insurance Products. The information in this material educational.This site is not a part of the Facebook website or Facebook Inc. Additionally, This site is NOT endorsed by Facebook in any way. FACEBOOK is a trademark of FACEBOOK, Inc.